About Williams Creek

Williams Creek Gold Limited ("WCX") is a Canadian mineral exploration company primarily focusing on exploring for gold in British Columbia. The company also participates broadly in the gold sector through joint venture and equity investments, royalty and finance agreements.


Williams Creek began in 1946 when it acquired the Crown Granted mineral claims that make up its Barkerville Project. Some of these Crown Grants, such as Lot 1B and 32F, date back to the late 1800s when the Barkerville area was at the center of the Cariboo Gold Rush.


Williams Creek owns mineral claims in Barkerville, long recognized as a historical gold producing area, and roughly 10 KM West of Kamloops. The company also holds a 34.4% working interest in the ATW diamond project. 

Welcome to Williams Creek Gold LTD

Williams Creek Gold Limited explores mineral properties throughout Canada and the western USA with a primary focus on gold prospects. The company looks for ways to expand its interests in the natural resource sector with an emphasis on gold, through exploration, joint venture and other equity investments, royalty, and finance agreements.

Our motto is “Recovering Resources Responsibly” because we believe in using environmentally responsible exploration practices and building prosperity through collaboration with our neighbours.